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After hiring the talented and beautiful cellist Elvira Torres, symphony conductor Daniel Abogado finds himself a target of physical and psychological threats. To get to the bottom of them he digs into Elvira’s past. She admits that she has walked out of a bad relationship which has resulted in a pregnancy, her daughter Mia. The first suspect seems to be her former boyfriend.

Against his better judgement Daniel falls in love with Elvira. He is torn between the vow he has made to his wife, Louise, and the ever increasing pull towards Elvira. He hopes that an engagement in San Francisco will give him a chance to dissolve that conflict. But feelings about his jealous wife’s involvement in the threats increase his longing for Elvira. His suspicions are verified when Elvira is attacked and barely survives.

Will the mystery be solved between Daniel’s busy career, his wife Louise and the double life of his manager Steve McCain?

Broken Strings

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