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Kudos for The Special Room

The Special Room by Gisela Woldenga is an adolesscent book with a twist. It revolves around two pre-teen children who go back in time to England in 1718 to do a favor for a ghost. I was actually quite impressed. The author did her homework, and the book feels quite authentic. It is short, only 140 pages, so it's easily read in a single sitting. I thought the characters were very well done, and although, I am not sure that I would have been willing to go back in time when I was 10 or 11, I guess kids today grow up faster than they did back when I was that age. It must be hard to stay a child when there is so much access to technology with all the information on everything that is happening in the world. The Special Room is a good book for kids, and one that I think they would really enjoy as it is a little more sophisticated than books for that age usually are. - Taylor Jones, Reviewer


Although I don't normally read that genre - I leave that to my kids - I quite enjoyed The Special Room by Gisela Woldenga. The plot is strong and a little more complex than usual for that genre. The characters are very believable and I didn't find any fault with the time travel back to eighteenth-century England part, not that the history of Great Britain is my forte, but at least there was nothing that made me think, "Hey wait a minute, they didn't have that back then." The book is short, so I was able to read it in an afternoon. It it held my interest from the first chapter, which, to be honest, I didn't really expect, due to the age of its target audience. There was enough action and adventure to make it rather tense at times. All in all, a very well done novella, something most adolescents would want to read again and again. - Regan Murphy, Reviewer




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